About Coach g


Our Bodies are vehicles not ornaments

My philosophy starts with the fact that humans are designed to move; our ancestors' survival depended on it. Modern life has brought changes in our behaviour and movement patterns and our bodies are not as strong and resilient and they could be. This leads to the injuries, pain, lack of mobility and feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction so many of us are unable to shake. 

To combat these negative effects and restore physical strength and health I combine a scientific approach with holistic methodology (the belief that the individual parts of the body are interconnected and work as one).  There are 3 key needs on the path to a healthier, fitter you:

Physical needs - Understanding the right way to move & how we can move more efficiently

Nutritional needs - What you eat, awareness of where your food comes from and how it affects your health

Psychological needs - Identifying and understanding your goals and building a confident, dexterous mind. 

My goal is to help you master these 3 needs with scientifically proven practical techniques and the all important knowledge you need to support your future growth.