Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend a Certification Clinic to get Certified?

                                    Yes. The Certification Clinic is part of an essential educational process that will enable you to teach the correct running technique.

 Can I get Certified online? 

                                            Although the exam is online you need to gain actual practical hands-on experience to become a Certified Running Technique Specialist

Is study material included in the price of Certification?

                                             No. The required study material must be purchased separately.

Can I attend a 1 Day clinic and take the exam to get Certified?

                                            No. You have to attend a Certification Clinic in order to get Certified.

Who conducts the Certification Clinics?

                                            All Certification Courses in the United Kingdom are conducted by  Master Trainer Coach G

Is there an age restriction?

                                           Candidates must be 18 years or older at the time of attending the course.


 Crossfit Endurince Coaches

All CrossFit Endurance trainer course attendees are eligible to take the standardized certification exam to receive a “Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist” title and all applicable benefits.