Thanks for joining me on the Pose running technique workshop.

I hope you've started to understand and feel the benefits of running this way. This is just the start of a your journey to becoming a faster, fitter, stronger runner.
For the next 5 week you will receiving new drills from me to help reinforce all the work we did during the workshop.
This week's drill is

Week 1: Pose, fall, pull change support
Pose: hold Pose position for 30 sec each side repeat this twice a day
*Foot is flat on the ground heel touching wait on board a foot
* knee is bent on support leg
* pulled foot is relaxed, ankle under hip

Keeping the body in S-Shape.
Start with both feet flat on the ground and start to fall from your ankles. As you GCM (General Center of Mass) passes over the ball of the feet and you feel the fall stating hold it there for a count of 3 sec and return to start position.Look out of a bend at the hip, if that starts to happen start back in the S-Shape. Repeat for 60 sec

Pull: try doing this barefoot, pull the foot up the leg feeling the foot go up to pose. Use only the hamstring. Focus on the anklebone staying under the hip connected to the standing leg. Drop the foot back to the ground make sure the foot lands exactly were you picked it up from.

Good luck and click HERE if you need a little more help.

Coach G