Hi Guys,

Onto week 2 and you should be feeling a little more confident preforming those drills. This week we're going to start using the fall to help create movements. 

Remember take your time, these drills are to help you built your technique so pay attention to your movements.

Week 2: falling change of support

Change of support leg in place then fall and pull, check to make sure that you are in pose position before starting again.Work up to three in a row quick up -up -up. Stand in Pose position with your hands out in front of you then pull your foot from the ground as you lean against the wall. Make sure you land in pose position

Repeat this drill until you make sure every single repetition is the same, do not rush

Now that we're starting to build up a little conservancy in your training how about we talk about active rest?

Click this link to find out what my good friend Stuart Offer has to say about it.

Good luck and click HERE if you need a little more help.

Coach G